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Welcome to IWS, a data analytics company dedicated to improving injury recovery and prevention through innovative technology.  Our vision is to be a part of an integrated mobile health ecosystem to improve patient quality of life.


Our flagship product, The Wellsol®, is a smart shoe insole that provides real-time data to help clinicians provide a better road to injury recovery.


At IWS, we understand the importance of injury prevention and recovery in maintaining an active lifestyle. Our team of experts, including doctors, engineers, and software developers, has designed The Wellsol® with the latest technology to help individuals and clinicians monitor the pressure and force distribution on the feet during physical activity.


The Wellsol® is equipped with pressure sensors and accelerometers that gather data on the user's gait, balance, and weight distribution. This data is then analyzed using our proprietary algorithms to provide insights into the user's foot mechanics and help identify potential injury risks. By providing this valuable data, clinicians can tailor treatment plans and exercise programs to maximize injury recovery and prevention.


At IWS, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. We are proud to offer The Wellsol®, a game-changing innovation in injury recovery and prevention that will revolutionize the way clinicians approach treatment.


Thank you for considering IWS and The Wellsol®. We look forward to helping you achieve your injury recovery and prevention goals.

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Ted HShot.jpg

Ted Finn

Founder & Chairman

Footwear industry executive with 30+ years experience in sourcing, sales, and product development. His companies have sold over 50 million pairs of shoes.


Johnny Cator

CEO & Co-founder

Tech entrepreneur with 30+ years experience in software development and professional services. Founder of WebCTel Inc and various tech companies in the last 20 years in Massachusetts. 


Greg McKenna, PMP

COO & Co-founder

Consultant with 30+ years experience in product development and process transformation with $120+M in savings or revenue enhancement. 


Dana Stearns, MD

Chief Medical Officer

27 years of emergency medicine at Mass General Hospital, 24 years of teaching at Harvard Medical School, and a passion to improve human health and wellness.


Dr. Eric Greenspan, DC
Director of Medial Operations

Exceptional diagnostician who utilizes cutting edge techniques for his patients.  Conducted independent research to further his understanding of foot mechanics.


Ben Zerbe

Strategy Advisor

Specializes in orthotics and production with 7+ years experience as clinical manager.  Conducted case studies for drop foot patients on AFO trim line heights. 

KB - headshot.PNG

Kevin Brooks

Business Development

Research and training background in foot alignment and gait pattern.  Experience in footwear development.  


Josh St. Fort

Marketing & Social Media

Entrepreneur with a background in digital marketing and branding. Experience in the tech startup industry.



Dr. Robert Brown, MD
Chief Medical Advisor

Medical professional with 40+ years experience.  Director of Regulatory  Affairs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) & Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Bruce Werber

Medical Industry Advisor

A leader in the field of foot and ankle surgery, introducing new successful technologies to improve patient outcomes.  Has also been the CEO of several medical practices. 


Dr. Brian Smith, DPT, OCS
Physical Therapy 

Focused on improving patient outcomes and exploring innovative treatment methods.  Board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.  


Dr. Robert Frykberg

Podiatry Advisor

A former Chair of the Foot Care Council of the American Diabetes Association and Past President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.  Author of nearly 100 peer reviewed publications.

Jody Holtzman

Strategy & Innovation Advisor

Thought leader on aging, Longevity Venture Advisors, SVP Innovation at AARP, Top 50 Influencer in Aging, Advisor to HLM Venture Partners. 


Elizabeth Graham

Strategy & Legal Advisor

Began her career as a lawyer, has experience in customer operations, business intelligence, finance, network operations, people operations, and product deployment.

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