The Intelligence In Your Shoes

Analysis. Prediction. Correction.

The WellSol

Our footwear technology is the heart of the IWS ecosystem. We are able to analyze pressure, temperature, gait, and activity.  The combination and depth of these elements has never been available outside of a lab setting.  Our vision is to provide greater visibility into your personal health.

Analyzing Your Health

Every day, thousands of steps are taken.  Each step tells a story on what is occuring with your body's biomechanics.  The story your body is trying to tell you could be: your body is protecting against an injury you are currently unaware of, or that there is potential for a future injury.  

The WellSol collects and analyzes data to predict injury.  In addition, the WellSol provides the ability to correct in two distinct ways: information for your practitioner to take action, and a biomechanical alignment system.

The WellSol makes any footwear smart


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